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Portrade 2.0


Portrade Runestone teaser image
Where Every Character Tells A Story

Welcome to Portrade 2.0, a world where digital art meets the power of Bitcoin. Here, each character is not just a visual masterpiece but a lively personality inscribed into the BTC network, each with their own vibrant backstory waiting to be discovered.

Our collection, crafted by the talented artist Bigmouth, is a colorful ensemble of hand-drawn characters. These creations are uniquely distinct, bringing a sense of wonder and charm to your digital collection.

Dive into the playful blend of artistic creativity and cutting-edge technology. Join us at Portrade 2.0 and embark on an adventure in this enchanting realm of digital art inscribed on Bitcoin.


Portrade creators assembling

In a world where mediocracy lurks around every corner, one mission stands out — to gather all the best-skilled individuals and cherry-pick only the finest parts and attributes. Imagine a human smoothie made of pure talent without the pulp! Think of a superhero squad, but everyone's superpower is actually useful where we're creating the most overqualified, overachieving, and overwhelmingly awesome team ever. No pressure, right?

Portrade creators building a custom Portrade

In our team, it's not just about making the dream work — it's about making it work with a dash of flair! Imagine a group so passionate that each person is practically on fire (but in a good way). Everyone's showing off their skills like it's a talent show, and nobody's holding back. We don't just complete tasks; we crush them and then ask for more. With us, it's always go big or go home...but mostly go big!

Portrade creators programming the custom Portrade

Welcome to the 'Quality or Bust' workshop! We're dedicated to building products so perfect, even a perfectionist would give us a thumbs up. Our quality checks are tighter than a pickle jar in winter, ensuring no errors sneak past us. Because when it comes to quality, we don't just meet standards, we set them-like a trendsetting fashionista, but for flawless products!

Old-aged Portrade creators taking a selfie with their custom Portrade

We're not just building things that last, we're crafting masterpieces that outlive the apocalypse! Our secret recipe? A dash of indestructibility, a pinch of everlasting charm, and a whole lot of laughter to create memories that even time itself can't erase. Come join us as we defy the laws of wear and tear, one sturdy creation and belly laugh at a time!