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Hey there, it's Bigmouth!

Since 2013, I've been immersed in the amazing world of digital art. All the art you see? Hand-drawn by yours truly, right down to the last pixel. I adore crafting vibrant, playful masterpieces that blend the lines of imagination and meticulous details. When I say my art's personal, I mean it. It's an exhilarating fusion of color, fun, and hand-drawn dedication. My journey through isometric drawings and other artistic explorations has landed me accolades and awards from around the globe!

Dive into Portrade — a vibrant universe of digital characters! Each piece is hand-drawn and inspired by the things we love: the pulse of culture, the dazzle of pop art, and a sprinkle of silliness. Our art isn’t just about creating, it's about celebrating a shared passion. As we take you on this journey, expect a canvas that's as diverse and lively as the community we're building.

Our goal? To make art that's not just mesmerizing but truly timeless. So, slide on in, embrace the Universe of Portrade, and let’s celebrate the world of digital art together!



Alright, first thing on the roadmap is... I gotta eat! Each stroke I make? That's like 10,000 calories gone. Did you think genius ran on air? No sir, it's burgers and pizza. Feed the mind, fill the belly, and out comes beautiful art


Next? Naptime! But it's no ordinary snooze fest. but the Oscars of Dreamland! Picture this: red carpets rolled out for brainstorming clouds, encore requests for moonwalking toasters, and maybe a salsa with Mr. Sandman. Slide under the covers, unleash that brain party, and emerge with ideas fresher than morning coffee!


Spotlight moment: Drawing! Ever wonder where Portrade comes to life? Right here, amidst swirls of color and confetti of imagination. Whether I'm sketching the essence of Saturday night's pizza or the next iconic Portrade character, it's a colorful chaos. Let the doodle fiesta begin!


Lastly? We go back to square one! Oh, were you expecting some grand roadmap revelation? Jokes on you! It's just me, a guy in an endless loop of food, dreams, and the love for making art

Portrade 1.0 Holder Perks

Holder Perk 1

Airdropped assets from Portrade 2.0 and future drops, a gift that keeps giving!

Holder Perk 2
IRL Package

Unique in real life package curated by Bigmouth himself, including but not limited to a completely custom and hand-drawn 1-of-1 Portrade portrait of you, your PFP, or whatever you want to be!

Holder Perk 3
VIP Access

VIP access to all future in real life Immersive Bigmouth/Portrade Experiences to be held in various cities around the world...

Holder Perk 4
and more...

Yet to be announced on-going perks like guaranteed mints and early-access to all Portrade drops!

How do I get a Portrade?

① Get MetaMask

Download and install the browser extension called MetaMask. This will create a crypto wallet that can be used to purchase and collect a Portrade.

Download Metamask
② Get some ETH

Once you have your crypto wallet, buy some Ethereum. You will need 0.3 ETH to mint a Portrade. Make sure to have a little extra ETH for gas fees.

Buy Ethereum
③ Mint!

Now you're ready to mint a Portrade! Tap any of the mint buttons to visit the mint page. You'll be asked to connect your wallet to this site in order to buy.

Sold Out!


How many Portrades are there for 1.0?

There are only 100 Portrades. These will never be sold again. A couple of them have 2-5 editions of the 100 unique possible Portrades minted. As you can see, these are VERY limited and VERY rare!

What can I do with my Portrade?

Wave it around? Brag to friends? Practice your 'I own cool digital art' swagger? Also, you get intellectual property rights. One quick note, word on the digital street: there's something cool brewing for you. But let's keep that between us, okay?

Do aliens believe in us?

Who knows?! But if they're browsing the galaxy's internet, they'd totally be eyeing Portrade. 'Cause even extraterrestrials can't resist art that's out of this world!

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Strategy, Operations, Positive Vibes Leader


Designer, Creative Genius, Entrepreneur


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